Proactively Managing the Construction Site

September 26, 2017
Brands: Hexagon PPM BK:  Welcome back to HxGN RADIO. I’m Brian. Thanks for joining us. One of the most common issues in the AEC construction industry is linking the design, office, site, trades, progress and ongoing issues. Without a complete integrated view of the project, many construction decisions are made reactively. This creates a situation where it […]

[PODCAST]: Introducing HxGN SMART Build

July 12, 2016
Brands: Hexagon Ventures

In this episode of HxGN RADIO, Hexagon introduces HxGN SMART Build, a solution that helps overcome the challenges inherent to complex construction projects. Welcome to HxGN RADIO. I’m your host Veronica Miller. Every construction project is unique. At each phase, there are problems to solve and challenges to face which put the project at risk […]