[PODCAST]: The Hexagon Capability Center India


In this episode of HxGN RADIO, we sat down with vice president and country manager at the Hexagon Capability Center India, Navaneet Mishra, to discuss how it is a key technology incubation center. To listen to more HxGN Radio episodes, visit our channels on iTunesSoundCloud or Stitcher.

Welcome to HxGN Radio. This is your host Veronica Miller. The Hexagon Capability Center India is a key technology incubation center located in Hyderabad, India supporting the majority of Hexagon’s businesses. The HCCI is home to 1000 employees who strive to support the innovations that happen at Hexagon on a daily basis. In today’s episode we are talking to Navaneet Mishra who is vice president and country manager at the Hexagon Capability Center.

VM: Thank you for joining us today.

NM: Thank you Veronica thanks for your time.

VM: Let’s start by telling our listeners a bit about the HCCI.

NM: HCCI is one of the key incubation centers, an innovation incubation center as you already mentioned. It is one the largest development location effects and globally, one of the top 3. It has been set up more than 25 years back, earlier it was only named as Intergraph, and after Hexagon took over we have further expanded the center, and the last 5-6 years is when the fastest growth cycle has come, and we have doubled the number of employees that work there. Again, we support multiple development units of Hexagon to set up their innovation center there to extend their workbenches at this location. So as of today, we have Intergraph PP&M, we have Hexagon Safety and Infrastructure, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, Hexagon Positioning, Leica Geosystems and a bit of Hexagon Geospatial as well. For all these developments, our people are working out of this location.

VM: And as you mentioned you’ve been growing exponentially over the past 25 years, and you have just recently just moved into a new state of the art facility. Can you tell us about that?

NM: Yes. This is a really exciting time. So we just moved into this new building in February of this year… I mean February the movement started by March end we were all into this new building. This is a two-hundred thousand square feet set up on the top 3 floors of a vertical building that we have taken, and it has now all the latest features of such a set up for employees – for example gym, or their sports area and a lot of break out areas across the floors and with much more open kind of set up. We were into old buildings previously but with his new building and very vibrant colors, we not only aligned with Hexagon Marketing details and branding but also in terms of  very ‘openness’; the whole set up is very open where you can communicate, interact, have meetings, etc. very, very comfortably. So it’s a very nice thing.

VM: And just mirroring that innovation that Hexagon is known for.

Yes. Yes and truly changing the shape as well.

VM: Could you tell us about the mobile center of excellence initiative at HCCI?

NM: Yes. It is a bit different. So first just to give you a background of about India …. we are the 2nd largest mobile population in the world in terms of actual usage and also the fastest growing one. In terms of mobile app development again we have more than 300,000 mobile app developers in India as well. So looking at all this, I thought that if any unit wants to do something on mobile, India would probably be the right location for it. Normally when we set up a team it is for a given business or for a given technology development, but here what we thought is that we will first set up a mobile center of excellence which can then support different business from a single set up so to say. So these guys whom we are trying to recruit for this are the people who are living and breathing mobile for ages. I mean they have done only one kind of development that is mobile. So they only think in those terms. Advantages that I see is that if this clicks well and goes in the right direction that many units can start using the single center of excellence for their objectives.

VM: With growing a new team, hiring and retaining local talent is crucial to the success to HCCI. How do you approach recruiting?

NM: Yeah. I mean for any company worth its salt, the hiring and recruiting will remain a challenge in India for quite some time because of the internal competition that we have to face for the same set of talent. So while we produce the largest number of engineers every year, but still there are hundreds and thousands of firms who have set up offices in India and everybody wants to recruit the best. Our recruitment, as you can imagine, is divided into laterals and freshers.

For freshers (new graduates) we have started some initiative of what we call Campus Champions. What we do is, pick some of our senior leaders and allocate them a given campus for couple of years. They are our spokesperson. They visit these campuses, these universities on a regular basis, not only at the time of hiring, support them in some of their cultural executions or judge some of their competitions internally that is happening, and sometimes even opening some kind of lab related to Hexagon technologies as well in these places. So this gives us a larger touch points, and then it is better for us to recruit some of these people from these colleges because they have seen us over a period of time and not only at the time of interviews.

We also encourage interns to work with us so that we have, instead of two hour interview, we have 6 months timeframe to judge how they’re working with you, and then you can onboard them. This Campus Championing along with opening some of the Hexagon related lab or labs at this location have certainly helped us and whosoever we are not able to recruit, even if they go outside the market they have certainly heard about Hexagon and its various technologies. It is always a win-win for us. This is something we have started off late, but often this is going off really well in terms of the good number of hires and good kind of people that we are able to take from these universities.

VM: And with that I understand you’re planning an HxGN local event in Hyderabad in August. What do you have planned for the event?

NM: Yeah, so this is something new. This is something big. So this will be the first time that we will be doing such an event. Our sales folks have been doing events for their own businesses for quite some time obviously to develop the business in India, but this is the first time that we are trying to bring different divisions of Hexagon under one umbrella. So Hexagon local is nothing but a miniature version of Hexagon LIVE. This is one place where we will be doing it in Hyderabad and it will be done with our development folks will be working very closely with the field guys and then set up the Demos or the sessions or “Meet the Expert” things. This will be a one day event scheduled in early August and it will be done not in a hotel kind of setup but rather in our own premises of HCCI. Many ­­­field colleagues have said that our place is really new and vibrant and it is a showcase itself to the customers so why don’t we host the event there. That is what is going to happen, fingers crossed, but we want this to be a very successful event.

VM: Yeah and it sounds like it will be a huge success. Well we really appreciate your time today and thank you so much for being our guest.

NM: Thank you Veronica thanks for your time again. Thank you.  To our listeners you can learn more about HCCI at hexagon-CCI.com.

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