A Pathway to Innovation: The Hexagon Capability Centre India


Kathleen McNeill speaks with Navaneet Mishra, country director at Hexagon Capability Center India in Hyderabad. He explains the genesis of the new title for the center as well as the future that lies ahead. You can hear the podcast, read the transcript of the podcast below, or download the podcast from iTunes.

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Hexagon Capability Centre India, also known as HCCI, in Hyderabad, India, has long been successful as Intergraph Capability Centre or the ICC. They have been supporting Hexagon’s global network of brands for the last couple of years. It began as a small group operating on a handful of software products and is now a 1,000-strong employee workforce, managing many products, spanning the realms of hardware, metal ware and software. In today’s podcast, we are talking to Navaneet Mishra, who is country director at Hexagon Capability Center in India. Thank you for joining us today.


KATHLEEN McNEILL: So, I know you’ve recently joined The Hexagon Capability Centre in India. Can you tell us little bit about yourself?

NAVANEET MISHRA: Yes, basically, by education, I’m a Mechanical Engineer. After that, I worked for couple of years in the services company in India. Prior to joining HCCI, for 16 years, I was with SAP on the product development side. Recently, six months back, I have joined this side.

KATHLEEN McNEILL: Wonderful, I know that you were part of the driving initiative to have the company re-branded from Intergraph Capability Centre to The HCCI. What was the rationale behind that?

NAVANEET MISHRA: After Intergraph was acquired, we added other product units in that setup for Leica Geosystems, for Novatel and for Hexagon Metrology. After all this, to give right image to the outside world, it made a lot of sense that we give the mother brand the main focus and apply what other things that we are doing there. Hence, we thought that ICC is not the right representative of the name and it is time to move to HCCI, so that was the basic rationale.

KATHLEEN McNEILL: Great, so tell us a little bit about some your experiences at HCCI thus far.

NAVANEET MISHRA: Oh, it has been good, a big learning experience, I would say. I come from a different world. Yes, we, as in SAP, have enterprises solutions, but not the engineering kind, so I am going back to my roots, what I have been taught from an education and degree perspective. It is good learning. It’s an extremely good set of people, very open and they have accepted me, so I will say it has a very positive experience so far.

KATHLEEN McNEILL: Wonderful. Well, from what we know, HCCI was the first of the IT multinational corporations to set up shop in India. What do you think of the journey there so far?

NAVANEET MISHRA: It has been a good journey. Yes, you are right. In Hyderabad, this is the first IT MNC that has been set up in more than 27 years or so. In terms of maturity model in such places, I would say that if we divide the journey into different levels, we are at level three. We are an important critical partner for the Hexagon setup, but we have to still have a journey before we become the level four or a top-level model where we can contribute strategically to a lot of innovation and business. That is yet to be done, and we are taking steps to reach there.

KATHLEEN McNEILL: So, with HCCI being an active R&D wing of Hexagon, what, in your opinion, are the key strengths that give you the edge over others?

NAVANEET MISHRA: There is a lot of high-tech work going on. HCCI has very passionate, very knowledgeable senior people on the leadership team, and it’s a very open kind of culture in terms of the work that they do. Also, one unique thing that we have, compared to other centers –is that we are working for different product units. That gives us the bandwidth and the knowledge you mentioned earlier. We have something on hardware, something on middleware, something on firmware and lot on software. All these things together give us a wonderful eco system to work with and people to deliver new things to.

KATHLEEN McNEILL: What are some of your strategic priorities for HCCI?

NAVANEET MISHRA: There are three things to be precise. We would like to take the next leap of innovation. We are trying to set up those things that will make our innovation more structured and more measurable. Secondly, we would like our people to be more business and customer focused, so they don’t only talk about creating new things, but also how they will be used and what value that brings. Thirdly and more clearly, is having a people-focus. We would like to give them the best of environment so that they produce the most wonderful solutions, most effectively.

KATHLEEN McNEILL: Along the lines people, what is your message to some of your colleagues at HCCI?

NAVANEET MISHRA: I would like to tell them that they are doing one of the great works. I have been exposed to different software companies. They should be proud of what they are doing. This is my fundamental thing that I would like to say. In addition, I would say please do preparation for whatever we are doing next, preparation will always help you. Listen carefully, and keep one message in mind in regard to your colleagues. speak slowly when you are talking to foreign people. Thank you.

KATHLEEN McNEILL: It’s good advice. Navaneet Mishra, we appreciate your time today and thank you for being our guest. You can learn more about the Hexagon Capability Centre India online at www.hexagoncapabilitycentre.in. To our listeners – thank you for joining us for today’s HxGN News Podcast. Visit hxgnnews.com to read the latest news from our global network of brands, and be sure to sign up for monthly email updates.