Geospatial Leadership:

From capturing imagery for use in mapping and creating 3D models to optimising resources and monitoring change, Hexagon customers are benefitting from our geospatial leadership.

Highlighting Smart City Initiatives in Bangkok

In this Sensing Change blog post, Goran Jovcevski of Hexagon Geospatial, discusses the rapid adoption and implementation of geospatial technologies that are keeping this large city on track.

Canadian Pacific Selects Hexagon for Railway Safety

Canadian Pacific has selected an integrated suite of public safety software from Hexagon to manage major incidents and responses.

Modernizing a Safety Critical System

NovAtel has supplied the Federal Aviation Administration with the reference receiver for the agency’s GPS Wide Area Augmentation System since the program’s inception. Here’s a look at why that receiver, the G-III, is so vital to WAAS, and the recent modernization that makes it even more accurate and robust.

[PODCAST]: India Geospatial Market Trends

With the emerging urban sector in India, there has been a huge demand for geospatial technologies that can support various types of urban development projects. In today's episode, we are talking to Atanu Sinha who is county director at Intergraph S&I India about these developing geospatial opportunities and market trends in India.

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