Hexagon Mining Goes Mobile

October 17, 2017

Mobile apps are transforming the mining industry with real-time solutions that are integral to a digital mine. Hexagon Mining’s Rob Daw, discusses the implications.

Change Management: The Need for Testing

October 5, 2017

Kim Humphrey, commander at Phoenix Police Department, and Roberto Villasenor, chief at Tucson Police Department, discuss how their respective agencies used testing to make sure the go-live of their new systems was seamless.

Photo of engineer working on a machine

Metrology Retrofits: The Best New Technology May Be What You Already Have

August 14, 2017

Hexagon offers a line of dedicated retrofit controllers for CMMs to upgrade existing measuring machines to modern standards, offering significant savings compared to the cost of new equipment.

Still from video interview with Don Manfredi from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence and Rick Vanden Boom from Automated Systems Group

Accelerate Check Fixturing Using Automation

August 14, 2017

In this HxGN TV episode, Don Manfredi of Hexagon and Rick Vanden Boom of Applied Manufacturing Technologies discuss how manufacturers can accelerate check fixturing using automation.

Image of a power line structure fallen and broken on the ground

Beyond Upgrading Utility Assets in Storm-Prone Areas

August 14, 2017

Utility providers are stepping up efforts to improve their ability to withstand a storm and recover from it – with many preventative actions taking place, are they truly covered?

Hexagon News Mash-Up | Episode 2 2016

September 13, 2016

Check out our latest video report on the latest and greatest news from Hexagon!

[PODCAST]: Detecting Fast Movements in Real Time

August 8, 2016

Discussing the Leica Geosystems monitoring business about a new innovation in monitoring, VADASE.

Metrology Meets Automation

August 2, 2016

Portable systems have made high-accuracy measurement possible across all plant areas – the next step in this evolution is the integration of metrology with automation.

[PODCAST]: Going Mobile and Wearable with Reality Capture

March 29, 2016

This podcast examines the need for mobile and wearable mapping in today’s surveying landscape including the BIM, 6D and SLAM technology.