Case Study

5 Axis Edgecam and Javelin Pave Way for AI-Met’s Nuclear Diversification

Industrial Leadership

Five-axis machining and full traceability of parts are combining to help an oil and gas specialist diversify into the nuclear market.

Al-Met’s sophisticated machine shop predominantly manufactures components for flow control valves and assembling carbide parts onto Inconel or super duplex, thanks to a range of machine tools including a 5-axis machining centre and 5-axis lathe programmed with Edgecam from Vero Software.

The Javelin production control system, also part of the Vero suite, now ensures full traceability of those high-precision components, as demanded by the two highly disciplined industries.

While the machine shop comprises both conventional and CNC lathes, mills and grinders and a radial arm, it is their 5-axis capability that is helping Al-Met take the next step.

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