Hexagon Mining Goes Mobile

October 17, 2017

Mobile apps are transforming the mining industry with real-time solutions that are integral to a digital mine. Hexagon Mining’s Rob Daw, discusses the implications.

Maximizing Your Projects Performance

October 16, 2017

In this episode of HxGN Radio, Mark White of Hexagon PPM will discuss the release of EcoSys 8 and how EcoSys is expanding its efforts beyond project controls with new solutions for portfolio and contract management.

Quality 4.0 and Statistical Analysis

October 11, 2017
Brands: Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

This podcast explores how manufacturers can manage and utilise data to its full potential and use it to drive productivity.

Digitizing the Worker’s Day, with Librestream

October 5, 2017

BK: Welcome back to HXGN RADIO, my name is Brian, thanks for joining us. Librestream‘s Onsight platform brings the eyes and ears of experts in the field to collaborate on things virtually. Using Onsight, remote teams see the live video, talk, draw and share images with field staff, customers or external suppliers to assess operations […]

Intergraph Planning & Response

October 2, 2017

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s technology is changing the way agencies respond to both planned and unplanned major events. Join us as we discuss Intergraph’s Planning and Response platform and its ability to help manage and streamline public safety concerns in real time.

Proactively Managing the Construction Site

September 26, 2017
Brands: Hexagon PPM

http://traffic.libsyn.com/hexagon/Proactively_Managing_the_Construction_Site.mp3 BK:  Welcome back to HxGN RADIO. I’m Brian. Thanks for joining us. One of the most common issues in the AEC construction industry is linking the design, office, site, trades, progress and ongoing issues. Without a complete integrated view of the project, many construction decisions are made reactively. This creates a situation where it […]

The Technology Roadmap of Hexagon Mining

The Technology Roadmap of Hexagon Mining

September 21, 2017

BK: Welcome to HxGN RADIO. My name is Brian. Thanks for joining us today. Hexagon Mining’s current suite of integrated solutions are cutting-edge digital technologies that transform how mines explore, mine, process and deliver product to their customers. Our engineers and developers are constantly innovating and striving to keep mines at the forefront of the […]

Boost the Productivity of your Plant in Weeks

September 7, 2017
Brands: Hexagon PPM

BK: Welcome back to HxGN RADIO. I’m Brian, thanks for joining us. Engineering departments and vendors of engineering software recognise that operators need help in the field to execute their tasks safely and on time. These incumbents base their solutions on technical information readiness and expensive CAD simulation. Voovio offers a completely different approach to […]

Composite Thinking: Unlocking the Potential of Fibre-Reinforced Polymers

August 31, 2017

BK: Welcome back to HxGN RADIO, my name’s Brian. Thank you for joining us. Lightweight and extremely strong composite materials have been a manufacturing buzzword for some time now. They are already helping our aerospace and automotive OEMs build improved fuel efficiency, and there’s a huge amount of potential for use in other industries as […]

Close-up of the Leica Geosystems BLK360 imaging laser scanner.

Capturing 3D Reality at the Push of a Button

August 24, 2017

Simple to use with just the single push of one button, the Leica BLK360 is the smallest and lightest of imaging laser scanner available.